An update from the Chief Shine Officer: Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Christian Jolie, Chief Shine Officer, today reported that there has been a DiS (Decline in Shine) incident that began yesterday evening and worsened throughout today. He began his report by outlining several reasons why this could have happened but believes that the main reason is the discovery of a “piece of the past” while a thorough house clean was being undertaken under the orders of Aggie Conran, Head of Domestic Team.

The finding of this artefact is particularly poignant considering events of one year ago and while steps have been taken to lessen the emotional impact of that time, it was an unwanted reminder of a former life. The belief that the object was intentionally left to discover, like many others were over the last 12 months, is believed to have caused the DiS. Matters were not helped by the consumption of several Sherbert Lemons.


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