Minutes from the Body Committee Meeting: Saturday, 6 April 2019

Attendees: Sarah Moseley (Manager of Nutrition), Jack Charles (Manager of Movement) and Kelly Porter (Mischief and Adventure Manager)

The Body Committee held an emergency off-site meeting today in a local woodland. Surrounded by clean air, wild garlic and spring freshness all around, the items discussed on the ‘walk and talk’ agenda were as follows:

  1. Welcome and Route Plan (KP)
  2. Meal Plans (SM)
  3. Daily Exercise (JC)
  4. New Activities – The importance of adventure (KP)
  5. Enjoyment vs. Commitment – a new approach to exercise (JC)

In the first meeting of this new financial year, Kelly Porter (KP) welcomed the committee and discussed the hilly but magical route to be undertaken today. It was agreed by all that in setting an example to the rest of the Board, the more meetings that could be held outside, the better. KP proposed that she look into this further and research examples to prove the effectiveness of outdoor meetings. ACTION: KP

Sarah Moseley (SM) raised the issue of the lack of weekly meal plans recently. Past experiences have indicated that the more in advance a meal is planned, the more likely it is to be eaten. The more difficult it is to ‘pop to the shops’ is in direct correlation to the number of biscuits consumed each week. SM proposed that visits to supermarkets should be limited to once a week, with all fresh produce sourced locally and that all meals be planned 1 week in advance, with no deviation from shopping lists (i.e. avoid the biscuit aisle). A trial four week period was agreed and SM to report back results at the next board meeting. ACTION: SM

Jack Charles (JC) has been struggling to track any exercise (beyond the normal 8000-10,000 daily steps) for the last 1-2 years. There has been a severe lack of commitment in all areas, even those previously enjoyed such as dancing. JC agreed with all that a new plan should be put in place and it should all start with just putting a fitness tracking device on each morning. JC will report back on progress after 4 weeks ACTION: JC

Kelly Porter (KP) also echoed JC’s statements and observations. There has been a distinct lack of mischief of any kind, let alone adventure, for over 2 years. KP highlighted her belief that a lack of focus in these areas leads to lack of motivation in diet and exercise as well as an increase in gloominess overall. It was proposed that KC initiate at least 2 adventures and/or bouts of mischief over the next 4 weeks in order to renew “a sense of adventure” ACTION: KP

A discussion on the concept of how much enjoyment of any particular activity increased the amount of times it was done was held by the members of the group. It was agreed that activities like kick-boxing were much enjoyed but the lack of local facilities combined with current fitness levels made such an activity impossible. An exercise programme using freely available outside space combined with utilising exercise equipment already owned (which suggests that an activity is enjoyed) should be undertaken immediately. It was agreed that JC would report any results at the next board meeting preferably with proven research in this area. “If it’s easy to do and enjoyable, why isn’t it being done?”ACTION: JC


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