Board Report: Friday, 5 April 2019

The board are pleased to announce the creation of LifeInc.

“From an idea formed in 2018, we are excited that finally something has been done to address the needs of the CEO,” said Angelina Banks, Manager of Ideas. “We anticipate that changes in all areas of ‘Life’ will be immediate” continued Banks.

Aaron Pawson, Daily Rating Statistics (DRS) Officer reported that the project took 8 hours to complete although some modifications to the website will be required in the next few days.

Margo Valentine, Officer of Time-Wasting (Special Responsibility for Procrastination Division) noted that approximately 1 hour was spent browsing through a magazine “for inspiration” although as the magazine in question was Heat (a weekly UK periodical covering a mix of celebrity news, gossip, beauty advice and fashion) it was unlikely that any information gained was either relevant or pertinent to the goals of LifeInc.

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