An update from the Manager of Nutrition: Friday, 5 April 2019

Sarah Moseley, Head of Nutrition, is delighted to inform the board that breakfast from tomorrow will not consist of any of the following items: chocolate, crisps, Lucozade, white bread, left over pizza, pain au chocolat, crumpets, high-sugar cereals, biscuits or mini cheddars. “All stocks have been removed from cupboards and motor vehicles and we look forward to getting the day off to a better start,” she reported earlier. “There is no doubt in my mind that eating these products or worse – skipping breakfast entirely – contributes to a mid-morning slump of energy and long term health problems,” she continued.

Items on the approved breakfast list includes recipes from the fantastic new book, The Cultured Club, by Dearbhla Reynolds. Soaked oats are the new Ricicles apparently.


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